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World Wide Sand Sculpture Events
Lion King, Festival the Netherlands   Pirates, Indy Parks USA
Flower Girl, Expocite Canada   Queen, Royal Cornwall Show London
Advertisement O2 Beach Scrum UK   Neptune Festival Virginia Beach USA   Prince of Persia, Hyde Park London UK
Pinocchio, Festa Italia USA   FA Cup promotion, Sky TV UK
Cosmote promotion, Astir Beach Greece   Fantasy Castle, BBC Smart UK
Sand Sculpture Festival San Ya China   First Church, Expocite Quebec
Pioneers, Expocite Quebec   Stampede, Expocite Quebec
Chelsea Flower Show UK   Shaman, Electric Picnic Festival Ireland   Solid Works advertisement world wide
Egyptian Festival, the Netherlands   Maltese Knight, Radisson Hotel Malta
Lion King, Festival the Netherlands   Portminster Beach sculpture UK
Charging heroes, Festival Belgium   Deforestation, Monkey Sanctuary UK
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